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An Aspiring PT – Year 1, Part 1

With this being our inaugural blog post, I figured a great topic to cover would be a short interview with our very own aspiring PT, Oliva Owens, who is about to enter her second semester of year 1 at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro.

Olivia works at Hager Bambach during the summer and winter breaks and we thought it would be interesting to get her thoughts and impressions thus far before she heads back to school for her second semester.

This is just the first of a running series of short conversations we will be having with Olivia while she is in various stages of her education towards becoming a PT.

How long have you known you wanted to be a PT? Did anything in particular lead to the interest?

I was pretty sure I wanted to be a PT by my junior year in high school. I have always loved athletics, especially basketball and soccer, so I think that definitely lead to my interest in how muscles and bones work.

How long is the program?

I am currently enrolled in a 4 year undergrad program for kinesiology. After that I will need to take another 3 years to receive my doctorate in PT. And I know this is something that has changed very recently because you use to only need a 3 year master’s degree to become a PT. But now you need a doctorate

Will you be focusing on a specialty?

At this point I am thinking of focusing on geriatrics. I think it will be a good area to focus on since we have such large and quickly growing aging population

In your first semester, has the course work been about what you thought it would be? Or different?

Mostly what I thought, but so far I am only take general science courses like biology, chemistry, and physiology. I probably will not be mainly focusing on my kinesiology major until about junior year.

Have your instructors indicated that there are any major/minor trends in the industry right now?

Sports medicine and geriatrics will continue to be in demand

Do you have aspirations of running your own practice in the future? Are you interested in learning the business side of PT?

I definitely would like to run my own practice at some point. My thought now is to first work as an associate and then open my own practice. Yes I do know the importance of learning the business side of PT. Next semester I am taking a communications course and will plan on taking other business type courses throughout my program.

Thanks Olivia! We will check in with you again in a few months. Good luck in your second semester!

P.S. Please feel free to post any questions or comments you may have for Oliva as she advances through her PT education.