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The "S Factor"

The human body is infinitely complex and beautifully engineered. All its systems and components are intricately interconnected – especially when it comes to bones and muscles. By allowing the spine to return to its natural shape, the Bambach Saddle Seat doesn’t just relieve pain and pressure on the back.  


Breathing is easier. The lungs and abdomen are free to function as they should. So breathing is easier and abdominal issues like indigestion are under control.


Head and neck pain recede. As good posture becomes second nature, the neck receives the correct support it needs.


Stamina and dexterity increase. Spine, neck, and head are properly aligned to minimize muscular stress. Less stress means more energy for the tasks at hand and less fatigue at the end of the day.


Circulation improves. While sitting, the legs and feet assist with balance. Small but constant movement keeps blood and fluids flowing, and can even help with varicose veins.


Risk of hip problems is lower. Proper posture helps protect the femur where it contacts the hip socket, reducing the chances of long-term hip problems.