Each Saddle Seat:
as unique as its user

No two individuals are identical.  So every Bambach Saddle Seat is customized to fit the user's body type, work environment and even décor.



Customizing a Bambach
Saddle Seat is as easy as

Choose a saddle seat: Two options — standard and large seats — provide a tailored fit for a variety of body types.
Select the proper height: Users can choose from three different stem lengths: short, under 63 inches (160 cm); medium, 63 to 72 inches (160 – 180 cm); and tall, over 72 inches (180 cm).
Pick a caster type: The Bambach Saddle Seat has a variety of caster options for different work environments. Select from casters designed for hard or soft surfaces.
Choose a fabric and color: A Bambach Saddle Seat goes with any decor. The easy clean vinyl is available in six standard colors. Or choose the rich look and feel of Ultra-Leather. Special colors available upon request.
Top it off with extras: Saddle Seat accessories, which include backrests, armrests and foot rings, provide for more comfort and functionality without compromising perfect posture.

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