Mary Gale, an Australian occupational therapist and lifelong horse rider, was intrigued. Why was it that patients, unable to sit unsupported in an ordinary chair, could sit comfortably and completely unsupported on horseback?

Her interest was not just academic, it was personal. At age fourteen, a riding accident damaged her spine, requiring multiple surgeries. Years later, while working at a hospital in Sydney, a young woman who had suffered serious injuries from a car accident asked Mary to take her riding. The experience proved therapeutic for the young patient and inspirational for Mary.

Mary was convinced that the saddle posture, in which the spine is allowed to return to its natural “S” shape, was far healthier than conventional seating. Previous research validated her theory, concluding that ordinary seating forces the spine into an unnatural “C” shape, placing stress on the spinal discs and associated muscle groups.

Mary left the hospital to work with her father, Anthony Bambach, a successful manufacturer. She met Bill Gale, an engineer and her future husband. Together, with another occupational therapist and a physiotherapist, the pair developed and introduced the first Saddle Seat.

Mary and Bill continue to be actively involved with the AF Bambach Company and Mary remains a vocal champion of the Bambach Saddle Seat around the world.